72-William-Smith-Longcase.jpgThe Company has a small but fine collection of clocks, of eighteenth and nineteenth century date. 

Our collection includes a walnut and marquetry longcase clock by William Smith of London and a magnificent gilded bracket clock by John Ellicott, c1770.  Gilded bracket clock by Ellicott

Fittingly, this timepiece is believed to have been updated by John’s son, Edward; both John and Edward Ellicott were members and indeed past Masters of the Company.  Edward Ellicott was at one time responsible for all the clocks in Clothworkers’ Hall, of which there were at least five by 1782/3. 

Sadly, none of this original number survive; all the clocks now in Clothworkers’ Hall are post war acquisitions, be they purchases or gifts from past members and staff.