Work Placement Scheme

Picture of Work Placement SchemeThere is a shortage of skilled young people joining textile manufacturing companies in the UK.  Graduating students do not necessarily think about such a career as a possibility, and companies are often reluctant to take the risk of employing an untested graduate.
For several years our fellow Livery Company, the Weavers, has run a work placement scheme to address this problem.  Using their contacts in the textile sector and their knowledge of textile students in the universities which they support, they seek to bring together talented graduating students and employers.

Under the scheme, 50% of the prospective employee’s salary is paid for six months, thus reducing the cost and risk to the company.  The placement allows the individual the opportunity to decide whether they wish to work in the field and the company to assess their potential for permanent employment.

We have been pleased to make annual grants  to the Weavers’ Company Textile Education Fund to expand its capacity.  Each year around eight to ten students take up placements with different companies.

We expect the partnership with the Weavers to continue each year.