Tower Ward

Eighteenth century map of Tower WardThe City of London is made up of 25 Wards.  Each Ward elects an Alderman and Common Councilmen (the number depending on the size of the voting population) to sit on the Court of Common Councilmen (which totals 100). Ordinary elections are held every four years, although an annual ward mote (or meeting) is held to allow the electorate to raise issues with the Alderman and other elected representatives.
The boundaries have moved from time to time to reflect demographical shifts; the most recent changes were in 2010.
Clothworkers’ Hall has for centuries been part of Tower Ward, which does not include the Tower of London since this is outside the City of London.
The Company, like all businesses within the Square Mile, has an allocated number of votes (based on size of workforce and number of premises) and appoints certain individuals to act as voters. In addition, staff resident at the Hall have their own vote.