City Properties

Pictures of Company's Properties in the City
In 1456, a group of Shearmen acquired a site on which the present Clothworkers' Hall now stands. From that date, the wealth of the Company has rested largely in property, most of it in the City of London. 

In modern times, the Company has diversified away from property but still has significant holdings in the City.  As an investor with very long term horizons, our interest is in the freehold ownership of land, on which we grant long term leases to third parties, often a property developer.  The Company seeks to generate income through a share of the passing rent, together with capital gains upon reversion or lease re-gearings. 

Our holdings are concentrated in two parts of the City of London: around the Company’s Hall off Fenchurch Street, EC3 and on and around Moorgate, EC2. 

The Company's Archive contains a large number of deeds and other records relating to Clothworker properties, dating back to the thirteenth century.