Our Historical Properties

Seventeenth century plan of Company property north of Fenchurch StreetThe Clothworkers’ Company and its predecessors the, Fullers and Shearmen, received many gifts and bequests of property, in return for which they were entrusted with the fulfilment of their benefactors’ charitable wishes.

The first such gift was in 1480 when William Gardiner bequeathed his freehold on Haywharf Lane to The Fullers’ Company – the bequest included a set of stairs leading down to the Thames where craftsmen took their fulling tubs for washing.  Most of the properties bequeathed were within the City of London, such as those on Mark Lane, Lombard Street, Cornhill and Wood Street for example, although some suburban properties were also acquired.

Pictures of Company's Historical PropertiesOver time many of these properties were rebuilt, enlarged or sold and new ones acquired; however, some remain in the Clothworkers’ possession hundreds of years later.  The Company funded research into its past benefactors and properties from the Centre for Metropolitan History and a project website with detailed histories of each of its historical properties is available online.