Charter and Ordinances

Photo of the Company's 1528 charterThe Clothworkers' Company is governed by its 1528 Charter, subsequent Charters and the Ordinances.  The Charters set out the Company’s rights and privileges, which were, over time, confirmed or altered by successive monarchs.  The Company's 1639 ordinancesThey contain some provisions relating to the governance of the Company, but a comprehensive set of provisions is embodied in the Ordinances.  These were issued in 1532, 1639, 1984 (when many antiquated by-laws relating to the Company’s historic craft role were removed) and, most recently, in 2014.
The Ordinances are clarified and modified by Standing Orders. The most recent Standing Orders were agreed by Order of Court in 2014.  These are available for members only in the Members’ Area.