The Court of Assistants

The governing body of the Company is known as the Court of Assistants. The Court is headed by the Master and consists of four Wardens and a variable number of Assistants. The work of the Court is assisted by a number of subsidiary Committees.Photograph of Court members


The Master of the Company is elected annually in June and serves for one year; he is the figurehead and will represent the Company on ceremonial occasions.


The Company has four Wardens, the two most senior being the prospective Masters for the following two years. An Assistant has to have served as Warden in order to be eligible to serve as Master.


The Livery represent the more senior members of the Company, from whom the Court of Assistants are elected. Members of the Livery also have a role in City government, by being entitled to vote for the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs at Common Hall.

Company Officers and Staff

The Clerk is the equivalent of the chief executive. The Director of Finance & Administration is his deputy and deals primarily with investment, property, legal and personnel issues. The Beadle deals with events and Hall management. The Company also has a Chaplain, an Accountant, an Archivist and a body of staff totalling around 25.

The Clothworkers’ Foundation

The Trustees of the Foundation are drawn from the Court and Livery. A number of Company staff also have a responsibility in the Foundation.