trusteeship_main.jpgAlthough most of our Clothworkers today do not have a shared link to our historic trade, The Company does seek to foster a common purpose in trusteeship among its members and across the third sector. Nearly half of the c 170,000 charities in the UK have vacancies on their boards, and we have a passionate and talented membership capable of providing good governance and valuable skills to charitable bodies. We encourage our members to explore these opportunities by making them aware of vacancies and connecting them to charitable organisations as well as providing training and skills development opportunities (login to the Members' Area for more information). 

Outside of its membership, The Company has developed a number of effective partnerships to support good governance across the sector. There are an estimated 820,000 charity trustees in the UK.  They are responsible for ensuring that their charities are well run and working towards their charitable objectives. Much has been done in the past decade to educate trustees on the importance of good governance, but there are still challenges to overcome, with many charities finding it difficult to recruit new trustees, offer proper induction or training to trustees, and effectively evaluate performance. These are areas in which the The Company is trying to help.
Cover of Board matters, the NPC's review of charity trusteeship
We partnered with NPC (New Philanthropy Capital) to fund 'Board Matters', an investigation into challenges facing the third sector. The outcome was the discovery and articulation of the key areas the sector needs to address: increasing the pool of trustees, creating an effective matching service to bring individuals and charities together, coordinating access to appropriate information on trusteeship, funding research into best practices, and improving trustee boards’ performance.

We co-fund, with Close Brothers Asset Management, the Cause4 Trustee Leadership Programme in London. More than 500 would-be trustees have participated, many going on to serve as a trustee, and feedback has been excellent. In 2017, we extended the programme to include one-day seminars in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. The programme has received accreditation from the Institute of Leadership Management.

We also have an evolving partnership with Reach Volunteering, supporting their TrusteeWorks service, which placed a record 473 trustees in 2017 (including 33 chairs).

Newer collaborations, in related areas, include our support for the development, consultation, and publication of the new Charity Governance Code. We are also in discussion with the highly-respected Association of Chairs, with a view to assisting them to expand their reach, impact, and sustainability.

Finally, we have partnered with NPC (New Philanthropy Capital), Prospectus, and Reach Volunteering to celebrate and reward good governance in the sector with our annual Charity Governance Awards; the next awards ceremony will be 24th May 2018.