A Common Purpose

Photo of two members of the Company talkingMany of our fellow Livery Companies’ members are bound together by a link to a common trade or a direct involvement with their affiliated schools or almshouses.  By contrast, the Clothworkers no longer have any schools and the links to the textile trade are now indirect.  Accordingly, the only glue which binds our members together is a family link to the Company, a general interest in charitable work and a sense of community in belonging to an ancient benevolent institution.
The Company therefore decided that trusteeship should be its common purpose.  There is a serious shortage of trustees of charities in the UK and the quality of governance is variable.  We have over 750 members with a broad range of skills and backgrounds living around the UK.  A number are already engaged in civil society, whether as a charity trustee, school governor or parish councillor.
Our aspiration is that, over time, the majority of our Liverymen will be actively involved in civil society.  This builds on the interest that many have in our charitable work through visiting organisations seeking a grant from the Foundation.