What Does Membership Bring?

Pictures of Members' Social ActivitiesFreemen and Freewomen of the Company are part of an ancient City of London institution. There are few tangible benefits, although all members of the Freedom are invited to an annual lunch at Clothworkers’ Hall on St Thomas Eve. However, members’ children are able to join, or if they were born before their parent was made Free of the Company apply to join, the Company once they reach the age of 21, and thereby continue the association.

Members of the Company may also become Free of the City of London, either by Patrimony or Redemption. This is a requirement for those seeking election to the Livery.
Picture of Sheep DriveFreedom of the City does not bring any rights or privileges, despite enduring myths regarding the ability to drive sheep over London Bridge without charge, going about the City with a drawn sword, being drunk and disorderly without fear of arrest and many more.
Liverymen are elected from the Freedom and this group which totals c200 can have a more active role in the Company, visiting charity applicants, sitting on Committees and meeting with their fellow members and guests at dinners at the Hall.