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The Future of 50 Fenchurch Street

The Clothworkers’ Company has been on its existing site since its founding in 1528, when The Fullers’ and The Shearmen's Companies united and decided to remain at Shearmen’s Hall on Mincing Lane.

Over the centuries, Clothworkers’ Hall has changed out of opportunity or necessity – such as the destruction of the third hall by The Great Fire of London (1666) and that of the fifth hall by The Blitz (1941). In 2022, the current hall is the sixth on this historic site, and opened in 1958.

The livery hall is the scene of our fellowship and membership activities and the related offices are the headquarters for The Clothworkers' Company and The Clothworkers' Foundation. For nearly 500 years, generous bequests from Clothworkers and other benefactors, coupled with wise investments by the Court, have enabled The Company to thrive and grow not only its assets, but also its impact through grantmaking and other forms of charitable giving or social investment.

In 2022, we have partnered with AXA IM Alts to move forward with a bold proposal for the development of the 50 Fenchurch Street project. Designed for us by Eric Parry Architects, the new development will be part of the next generation of buildings helping to realise the City of London’s goal for a greener, more environmentally-sustainable Square Mile. AXA IM Alts has committed to achieving a BREEAM Outstanding rating and a net-zero development that includes Eric Parry’s innovative design for vertical urban greening to mitigate air and noise pollution while improving biodiversity. The building will offer a flexible approach to space coupled with state-of-the-art technology and amenities, presenting the latest features aimed at enhancing occupier health and enjoyment.

Located on the southern edge of the City’s eastern tower cluster, 50 Fenchurch Street will provide unfettered river views to the south and south-east over the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, which future visitors will be able to enjoy from a public roof garden. Plans include a new livery hall for The Company along with the conservation of the Tower of All Hallows Staining and Lambe’s Chapel Crypt, two historic listed buildings currently on the site, which will form part of extensive new public realm. YardNine will act as development delivery partner for the project, with construction due to start in 2024 and delivery targeted for our 500th anniversary, in 2028.

When complete, 50 Fenchurch Street will lead to a transformational opportunity to unlock capital and dramatically increase our charitable giving, in both the short and the long term.

The digital slideshow below reveals our exciting plans in greater detail, and will be updated as we make progress in bringing the project to life.

Click here for a full screen version of the slideshow if it doesn't load below.

AXA and YardNine have also created a website to keep members of the general public informed about the project. In the coming weeks and months, you'll be able to read more about the project and its progress at FiftyFenchurch.com. 

News! In 2023, Eric Parry's design for the 50 Fenchurch Street tower received the Award of Excellence in the Future Project category during the annual awards by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUB).



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