The Company Today

Founded by Royal Charter in 1528, the original purpose of The Clothworkers’ Company was to protect its members and promote the craft of cloth-finishing within the City of London.
We value our past and traditions, but seek to build upon our heritage and find ways for the Company to have a useful and relevant role in today’s society.

Although few of our present members are involved in the textile industry in any direct way, we continue to support textiles, principally through educational grants, fostering the development of technical textiles and colour science, and support for the nation's textile heritage.

The assets of the Company, which are based on property and investments, are used to support The Clothworkers' Foundation, which is a registered charity and one of the largest grant-makers in Britain.

As one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies, we enjoy a close bond of friendship and co-operation with other Livery Companies and the City Corporation. The Company takes pride in performing its civic obligations and contributing to the living history of London. We foster fellowship amongst our members through events at Clothworkers’ Hall, which is also available for commercial hire.