Meet the Team


Clerk to The Company / CEO to The Foundation:
Jocelyn Stuart-Grumbar

  • Executive Assistant & Company Grants Officer:
    Emma Temple
  • Hospitality Coordinator & Steward: Heather Rawlins
  • Director of Finance, Property & Investments (DFPI): Hamesh Patel
    • HR Manager: Suzanne Hamilton
    • Finance Manager: Michelle Jex-Brown
    • Management Accountant: Belén Morata
    • Finance Assistant: Antoinette Stevens
  • Head of Collections & Archives: Jessica Collins
    • Archivist: Hannah Dunmow
  • Head of Communications & Membership Engagement: Renée LaDue
    • Senior Events Coordinator & Membership Officer:
      Sophia Watkins
    • General Office Administrator & Events Coordinator:
      Isabelle Chandler
  • Foundation Director: Jenny North
    • Learning and Development Manager: Rosy Phillips
    • Proactive Programmes Manager: Nelly Koko-Konan
    • Head of Open Grants: Jack Abbotts
    • Grants Officer: Letizia Gambacorta
    • Grants Officer (Small Grants Lead): Ayesha Tariq
    • Grants Officer: Catherine Godack
    • Grants Team Coordinator: Giovanna Pasini

The Grants Team is engaged by The Clothworkers' Foundation under a services agreement, along with relevant members of staff above who provide support across the organisation.

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